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Soccer’s Spanish league is now the world’s largest lottery ticket subscription platform with a total of over $4.6bn (£3.9bn) in annual revenue.

The Spanish club has been offering its fans free online lottery tickets to purchase during matches since it launched in 2016.

The deal was announced in a statement posted on the club’s official website.

It comes just a week after the club announced the launch of a lottery ticket kiosks in La Liga, and the Liga MX and Spanish Primera División.

The total number of online lottery ticket subscriptions in the Liga is more than 1,500,000 and is currently worth more than €2,500 per ticket.

The sale of lottery tickets is now available to fans in Spain for a price of €2 per ticket online.

Lotto’s free online ticket sales offer has been around for several years, but the company’s first foray into the lottery was with the launch in 2014 of the ‘La Juego Online’ portal, which sold lottery tickets for just €2 each.

That deal only lasted for two years, however, and after a year of sales, the company decided to launch a lottery subscription service in 2016 to replace its existing subscription-based model.

The online lottery platform, which has now grown to a total subscription of more than 2.5 million euros (£2.6m) is expected to be the largest and most popular lottery ticket platform in Europe.

It will become the latest online platform to offer lottery tickets through its own website, as well as through partner platforms such as iTunes and Google Play.

Lucky fans will be able to download and use the free lottery tickets during matches for just 50 euros (£43) per ticket, which is about €1.50.

Lotto’s latest partnership with Apple, which offers a free app for iPhone and iPad, will also be available on the platform, allowing the ticket to be purchased from a computer and then used on the mobile app.

Ludovic Nadeau, head of sales and marketing for the Liga, said: “Lotto has always been dedicated to helping our fans to get the most out of their tickets.

We have an enormous amount of experience with the online lottery and we know that the online ticket market is growing rapidly, so we decided to take advantage of that opportunity and offer lottery subscription for fans in the best way possible.”

We also want to thank the fans for their support over the years and we want to extend our sincere thanks to them.

We look forward to working with all of our fans in 2018.

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