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The NBA will be auctioning off its remaining $5 billion prize money in 2017-18, the league announced Wednesday.

That’s $4.7 billion more than the $3.7-billion in lottery tickets were being sold.

The move comes as the NBA continues to battle with gambling addiction.

The NBA has spent millions of dollars to educate players, coaches and the public on the dangers of gambling and gambling addiction, and has partnered with several organizations to help educate fans and fans to avoid the game.

But it has never done so on a national scale.

The last time the NBA made such a big-ticket sale was in 2015 when it announced it would sell a record $6.4 billion worth of lottery tickets.

The lottery is a $5-billion-plus business that generates about $10 billion in annual revenue for the league.

It generates about half of the league’s annual revenue, according to league data.

The lottery has not been the league most profitable, though it is the most lucrative in terms of tickets sold, according for the first time.

The league has been struggling with the addiction to the games since its creation in 1985, but the league is spending millions to educate fans about the dangers.

The league’s commissioner, Adam Silver, has urged fans to be careful with their gambling, saying last year that the league needs to “put an emphasis on the game.”

The league’s total prize money is more than double the amount of the NBA’s previous largest prize money, $5.7 million in 2015-16, which was paid out by the league to the NBA Players Association.

That was the first year that a major league basketball game was played in a free event, and it also marked the first NBA-level tournament held at the Rose Garden.

In 2016-17, the NBA added a new $5 million prize for the top lottery player in the country, the highest in NBA history.

That $5,000 payout is capped at $10,000 per game.

In 2017-19, the money will be increased to $15,000 for the highest lottery player.

The money will go toward paying for new arenas, equipment and other expenses to support the league, the NFL, the NHL and the NBA All-Star Game, among other leagues.

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