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By MATT STAPLETON CNN contributorDecember 6, 2017 — A few weeks after winning the lottery, a couple in Florida, Jim and Kathy Pugh, went on a road trip to visit family in New York City.

Jim, who works as a security guard, had never been there before.

Kathy was excited to see her family and wanted to meet with her father.

As they walked through a park, Jim noticed that his ticket had disappeared.

He quickly contacted his ticket company, and they confirmed that the ticket had been lost and would have to be replaced.

Kathy called her mother to let her know the ticket was missing.

Jim’s family and friends were shocked.

“My wife and I are just floored.

He’s lost his ticket,” Kathy Pough told CNN.

The Pughs are lucky.

They didn’t lose their tickets.

But they were not alone.

Over the past two years, a group of people have gone on to win lottery tickets, sometimes for as little as $150,000.

And many of them don’t even realize they won.

The lottery’s rules, which require every ticket winner to have a personal guarantee to return the winning ticket, have led to some of the worst abuses.

One example is the practice of sending out the winning tickets to random individuals.

This means people don’t know who won their tickets until they receive a call from the company claiming they won a $500,000 prize.

A recent article in USA Today highlighted a case in New Hampshire where a lottery official was able to buy a lottery ticket and send it to a woman who won a lottery jackpot of $3 million, despite the fact that the woman was no longer a winning lottery ticket buyer.

The story of a lottery win is not unique.

In 2012, the winner of a game in South Africa won a total of $17.8 million after receiving a phone call from a woman claiming she had won a jackpot worth more than $100 million.

The winning ticket was also purchased by a person with a family member who had been convicted of a drug trafficking offense.

In 2014, the winning lottery tickets of a winner in Pennsylvania were used to purchase luxury items from a man who had lost his lottery ticket.

And in 2015, the lottery was caught on video selling lottery tickets to people who did not even win the jackpot.

A lot of people go to these extremes to win a ticket, but it’s rare for someone to be caught.

“It’s a pretty common thing to win, and it’s just so rare to catch,” said Michael F. Kelleher, who teaches lottery management at the University of New Hampshire.

The worst cases, Kellehers said, are when lottery winners are in direct contact with the person who purchased the ticket.

That person then purchases a lottery product or services, including tickets and lottery services.

That includes buying tickets, buying tickets with the wrong identification, buying lottery services with counterfeit identification, and other forms of fraud.

In one case, a lottery employee bought lottery tickets for a woman, who then received a call telling her that the tickets had been bought and that she would have the winning amount.

In other cases, lottery officials have tried to get people to return their winning tickets and claim their prize.

“A lot of times, when they’re dealing with people that are not a winning ticket buyer, they’re trying to get the person to buy the ticket,” Kelleers said.

“And then they’re sending out a letter that says you don’t have the ticket, or they’ve lost the ticket.”

A lot more common than lottery fraud, however, is the fraudsters trying to scam lottery purchasers.

Karel Schulman, who heads the nonprofit organization Secure Our Lottery, has seen this firsthand.

In 2011, Secure Our LOTTERY received a complaint from an individual who had purchased tickets with fraudulent identification.

The company contacted the man to find out why he had purchased the tickets.

He was told the tickets were stolen.

The fraudster offered to sell the tickets, but Secure Our was able get the ticket back and refund the purchase price.

When Secure Our received the case, Schulmans team contacted the person.

“He said, ‘I don’t remember purchasing a ticket with this identification, but I do remember winning a jacklot,'” Schulmen said.

The person did not return the ticket and Secure Our got the ticket from him.

He returned it, and Secure our then contacted the company that had purchased it, which then contacted Secure Our again.

Schulms team called the company to find more information, and the company eventually gave Secure Our the winning jackpot number and the original receipt.

Secure Our then contacted a number of lottery ticket companies to find a winning jacklot.

All of these examples illustrate the risk that lottery companies face when they sell lottery tickets.

Ticket sellers and ticket dealers have a fiduciary duty to protect consumers.

When they are unable to do

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