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Lotto tickets have been among the top lottery winners in Europe and the United States for years, but the most recent edition of the world’s biggest lottery saw a record number of winners.

The latest winners of the UK’s £50m lottery have been revealed as five of the winners of a £1.8bn raffle, and the £2.3bn winning jackpot in the United Kingdom.

The winner of the raffle is the former footballer John Terry who won the jackpot at the age of 39 in March 2017.

The five winners include two of football’s biggest stars, Chelsea’s Frank Lampard and Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero, and Manchester United’s David De Gea.

Their winning tickets were unveiled by lottery officials at the end of the lottery’s draw in Brighton, with tickets sold for a total of £1,000.

The remaining four winners, which have not yet been revealed, were announced as Arsenal defender Serge Gnabry, Manchester United forward Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure and Barcelona midfielder Xabi Alonso.

Gnabry’s ticket was bought at a jackpot worth £1 million and will go on display at the Football Museum in London for a week.

The £1m prize includes tickets to the Premier League champions, which will be distributed among the winners.

Aguero, whose ticket was sold at a raffle price of £100,000, will also be given the £100m jackpot.

Mkhitarya’s ticket will be sold at £20,000 to the winner.

De Gea’s was sold for £500,000 and Alonso’s was a ticket bought at £100.

The three other winners of this raffle will receive £300,000 each, with the first ticket being distributed to a number of the five winners.

Lotto officials announced that all tickets were sold in their entirety.

It is not known how many tickets were bought or how many of the winning tickets have already been sold, but a spokeswoman for the Lottery Commission said there were “over 4,000 raffle entries”.

“There were approximately 4,500 raffle entry tickets and over 2,000 jackpot entry tickets.

The winning tickets include a range of top-level prizes including £500m for Manchester United, £1bn for Manchester City, £500 million for Arsenal and £100 million for Chelsea.”

Lottery officials said it was not unusual for the raffles to attract the highest-level entries.

“The lottery is not an organised competition, and all lottery winners are subject to a rigorous verification process.

The lottery’s procedures are stringent and rigorous, with thousands of checks and auditors checking that each winner is a genuine winner,” she said.”

If a lottery winner fails to meet the stringent requirements then a replacement winner will be chosen.”

The lottery’s spokesman said the lottery has received more than 1,000 complaints about the raffling.

“There has been a high volume of complaints about lottery raffles, particularly from young people,” he said.

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